Sri Chinmoy – Huge Statue in Woodland Valley rejected

chinmoy giant statue
chinmoy giant statue

In 2007, a huge statue , of late Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, ( AKA Sri Chinmoy ) , was to be erected in the Woodland Valley, the expected height was between 33 and 40 feet depending on the pedestal . A US citizen that goes by the name of Sanjay Rawal was behind the project, he purchased a property in this area and tried to have his project accepted by the town zoning officer, Warren Tutt; this statue was for his personal use …

This same Sanjay Rawal sent a letter to Carol Seitz who run a blog about the Woodland Valley. This letter can be found on this blog and the contents is quite interesting . Amongst other things Rawal speaks of Chinmoy …

He says

he was very close to Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Muhammad Ali, Desmond Tutu, Mikhail Gorbachev, and many other people who did an extraordinary amount of due diligence before even meeting him the first time.

Well my contention is that this is not true and that the opposite was surely the case , lets read the letter sent by Chinmoy to Kofi Annan in 1998 to have him accept the U Thant Peace Prize :

Chinmoy writes:

Dear Secretary-General, the members of the Peace Meditation Group at the United Nations and I continue to cherish the fond hope that you will very soon find it possible to receive our U thant Peace Award. As I mentioned in my letter of 12 March to Assistant Secretary-General Sorensen, only a few minutes would be needed for us to present you with this prayerful symbol of our highest regard for your unparalleled peace-service-life

I let the reader decides who is doing an extraordinary amount of due diligence …

The project was rejected by the Shandaken ZBA ( Zoning Board of Appeals )

Sanjay stated that this statue would be for his personal use only and that only a few people would be allowed to visit the place.

Patrick B.

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8/15/18 Shandaken ZBA Meeting Hank Williams presents the issue to the board at 0+19 minutes

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shandaken big statue
shandaken big statue
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